For some of us, a part of our journey together as a team includes participating in Practice Rides leading up to the July 6 event.  Riding together gives us an opportunity to train together, hang out after over coffee and test our personal fitness prior to the event.  For anyone looking to ride the 80 km event for the first time, we highly recommend at least joining us for one of our longer rides. 

The scheduled practice rides for Chain ReACTion are listed below...

Saturday, May 4  35-50 km ride  Newmarket (2-1/2 hour ride)

Saturday, May 18  45-60 km ride Newmarket (3 hour ride)

Saturday, June 1  65-80 km ride Newmarket (4 hour ride) 

The first 2 practice rides will accommodate a 40 km ride for those interested.  Please let us know ahead of time if you intend to ride with us and what distance you plan to ride.  The May and June rides start at 8am sharp so please arrive for preparing at 7:30am.  The rides will start and end at the Gordon Home in the Holland Marsh (contact us for details).  

All our rides are "no drop" meaning that we all ride together as a team or wait at the next intersection.  Come prepared since all our rides are “rain or shine”!