Each year our Team has consisted of both Riders and Racers.  We would LOVE to have you join our community and participate in the ride weekend in September, the practice ride in August as well as a handful of practice rides scheduled in the months previous.  Most of us are amateur riders wanting to keep in shape and use what we have to benefit children in the Third World.  Would you consider joining our team today?

Join the Chain ReACTion Riders and ride either the 40 km, 80 km or 120 km event on the weekend of September 15 and 16, 2018.  All riders have the goal to raise a minimum of $350 for ReACT Kenya. To sign up, search below for our team and follow the links to register.  Registration costs can be found here.

To join the Chain REACTion team, follow these steps…

  1. Connect to the Centurion site here
  2. Under "TEAM REGISTRATION", select your desired event and select "REGISTER".  
  3. Click on "JOIN AN EXISTING TEAM", type in "Chain ReACTion" and sign up.
  4. Complete the registration form and pay for registration
  5. Set up your personal pledge page here.
  6. Get those legs spinning!
  • Individual Pledge Pages will automatically show up in the total funds raised on the Team Page.  The Team Page can be found here.
  • Each rider that raises $350 or more will receive this year’s custom Chain Reaction jersey free (jerseys are ordered by mid-July)
  • Anyone can make a general donation to our goal of $20,000 here.
  • For more information, contact